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We have over 32 years of history
our solid background on travel Industry

Get to know about Trip Brands Group of Companies

Trip Brands LLC is a multinational travel group focused on establishing, and acquiring a suite of brands which will be a new paradigm in modern travel technology. Our objective is to improve the quality of travel services while creating value.

The internet plays an integral part in everyone’s life today from everyday life needs to book a dream vacation, air tickets for business and leisure travel for journeys at home and around the world. This new trend has some setbacks which we at Trip Brands have done extensive research to identify and bring the best options at wholesale prices to our valued travelers.

Trip Brands has an in-house team of experts from every segment of the travel industry, specializing in their own field of expertise, to develop, quantify modern trends in travel technology and create a unique product to market and distribute a quality brand through our suite of brands servicing every segment of the global travel industry.

Trip Brands Group of Companies owns and operates suite of brands in USA, CANADA and INDIA with a 32 year history. Trip Brands owns travel technology company, Trip Brands Technology PVT LTD. Trip brands owns leading hybrid travel agencies such as BookOtrip, B2B Travel agency (BTA) and Taj Travel, a leading travel consolidator founded in New Hyde Park, New York in 1987.


Trip Brands LLC is a multinational travel group focused on establishing, and acquiring a suite of brands which will be a new paradigm in modern travel technology...

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Our board of directors consists of a unique mix of passionate, high-energy, fiscally conscious, and goal oriented executives, with the ability to intellectually approach each new challenge...

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The Founder, President/ Group CEO and Chairman of the Board of Trip Brands Group of Companies, Mr. Benson stated that; “our vision is to create, acquire and own a unique brand of travel facilitators in the world...

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Our Strategy

Trip Brands ‘strategy is to maximize value for our shareholders by adopting a unique business model maintaining a global focus and an articulate business plan carefully executed, that enables the pursuit of growth opportunities through strategic acquisitions.

Our unique business model and strategy focuses on innovations in modern travel technology. Extensive knowledge and decades of experience in the global travel industry comprising leisure & business travel management, automation, and distribution of complex multi-segment pricing for international routes, put us over the top in unique business model as a travel technology company.

Our Goal

Our goal is to consistently challenge ourselves and innovate products that would bring value to our owners and customers alike.

Our Core Values

Trip Brands is committed to deliver the highest standards in services and to uphold the values that all of its brands are built on. Trip brands Group of Companies sources its employees through a rigorous vetting process to harness the best in the industry.

Our core values are derived from the principles and character of our founders and of our executive leadership.

The following values are engraved in our business practice and policy.

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Fairness, Eagerness and Willingness
  • Sincerity and Professionalism
  • Courtesy and Cheerfulness
  • Respect

We’re always learning

The People at Trip Brands have an inquiring mind and believe that the world has infinite possibilities. This curiosity about the unknown leads to constant learning, fueled by an ever-burning desire to discover the unknown and provide the best solutions to our curious traveler.

Trip Brands LLC has its global headquarters in Irving, Texas, USA. We employ a unique team of over 200 people worldwide. Our “team of experts” is enriched in knowledge, empowered and full of empathy with over one hundred years of combined experience.