Company caters to multiple segments of the travel industry as an

Online Travel Agency

Corporate Travel

B2B Travel Agency

Travel Technology

Trip Brands LLC
is an American Multinational Travel Group


Trip Brands LLC is a multinational travel group focused on establishing, and acquiring a suite of brands which will be a new paradigm in modern travel technology...

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Our board of directors consists of a unique mix of passionate, high-energy, fiscally conscious, and goal oriented executives, with the ability to intellectually approach each new challenge...

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The Founder, President/ Group CEO and Chairman of the Board of Trip Brands Group of Companies, Mr. Benson stated that; “our vision is to create, acquire and own a unique brand of travel facilitators in the world...

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Trip Brands LLC Subsidiaries

Trip Brands Group of Companies owns and operates suite of brands in USA, Canada and INDIA with a 32 year history....

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Welcome to Trip Brands Group of Companies

Our goal is to integrate technology and the human experience and organize them into a meaningful structure to empower our trip experts to communicate efficiently with customers and suppliers as well as to achieve competitive advantage

Technology generally evokes multiple emotions in people presenting them with options for booking a trip online for business or leisure travel. The average traveler spends hours searching for and comparing available bookings on airlines and at destinations, often forced to make changes with a hope to get a better deal.

Trip Brands has done extensive research and invested millions of dollars to build an innovative suite of brands to provide its customers the best value for money delivered at a world class service that is beyond comparison.

The launch of one of our brands “BookOtrip” an online travel agency so unique, that it sets us apart from our competition as being the new paradigm in online travel services. Trip Brands began operations in 2016 by acquiring two major travel companies in North America. Both companies are IATA/ARC-accredited and have negotiated wholesale prices with most airlines, hotels, car rental companies, tour operators and cruise lines.

Since then, Trip Brands has established companies in multiple segments of the travel industry: an online travel agency, corporate travel service, a B2B travel agency (serving the travel agency community), a traditional “high street” travel agency Trip Brands Travel Technology, focused on continuous research and development in travel technology.

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