Trip Brands LLC- Careers

At Trip Brands LLC, we value the role our people play in the success and growth of the company and each of its subsidiary brands. Our Chairman/President & Group CEO, Mr. Benson Samuel with his experience always looks to unearth the raw talents that have the potential to take Trip Brands Group of Companies surging ahead in this knowledge-driven economy. We look to build a team of skilled and goal oriented individuals who with their commitment and dedication give us the edge to always stay ahead of the curve.

Our team of professionals is a perfect blend of youth and experienced individuals. With a combined experience of over one hundred years and a fresh infusion of ideas, we have the most vibrant, motivated and competent Travel Technology teams in the world.

The team at Trip Brands Group comprises of individuals who are undisputed leaders in their respective fields. Travel Management, Travel Innovations & Engineering, Travel Finance, Linguistics, and much more, we’ve got some of the brightest minds in the Travel business today.

Trip Brands LLC Vision

Trip Brands LLC goes by the vision of its Chairman/President & Group CEO, Mr. Benson Samuel. Mr. Benson is known for his entrepreneurial fervor, innovative, inspiring and independent decision making. Keeping to the vision of our leader we look for individuals who can help the company in bringing out a new paradigm in modern travel technology and improve the quality of travel services while creating value.

What Makes Trip Brands Group Unique

What we are looking for

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